Tiny House Painting-Summer Retreat

"Summer Retreat"

Tiny House Painting-Tiny Purple House with Patchwork Hills

"Tiny Purple

House with

Patchwork Hills"

Tiny House Painting-Mini House

"Mini House"

Tiny House Painting-Treehouses


Tiny House Painting-Tiny Hut in the Big Mountains

"Tiny Hut in the

Big Mountains"

Original Acrylic Landscape Painting-Edge of the Orchard

"Edge of the


Original Acrylic Landscape Painting-Serenity


Tiny House Painting-The Mushroom Hut

"The Mushroom


Tiny House Painting-Madame Gigi's House

"Madame Gigi's


Tiny House Painting-Our Town

"Our Town"

Tiny House Painting-Our Homestead

"Our Homestead"

Tiny House Painting-Tiny Purple House on a Hill

"Tiny Purple

House on a Hill"



Original Acrylic Landscape Paintings

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These paintings represent my portfolio.

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