Artist Bio ~ Tracy Booth

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My tiny house paintings were inspired by my love

of tiny homes and spaces. My husband and I have

lived in a variety of small homes from studio

apartments to log cabins and tiny cottages. In

living small, we continually reinvent our lives in

small ways that have resulted in large changes in

our thoughts and habits. We try to live greener,

better, and freer.

I have been living in the beautiful southern

Appalachian mountains for many years now. After

working as a theatre lighting technician for over

fourteen years, I decided I needed a change.

Since then, my desire for art has turned into a full

time profession. I have my artwork displayed in

several galleries and have had a couple solo

shows in the region.

Besides trying to live below our means and doing

what I can to grow some organic foods, I embrace

making art for these small, comfortable spaces

which calm my soul. Even a small home has

plenty of room for beauty and inspiration!

“Live Small -- Dream Big!”